Russia is ready to meet oil needs of China – Putin at BRI forum – Russia Today

Confidence appears to be growing in China’s massive global trade and infrastructure network known as The Belt and Road Intiative. It’s a $1.3 trillion project that spans Asia, Europe and Africa.

At a forum, which has just wrapped up in Beijing, over $280 billion worth of agreements were signed off. READ MORE:


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  1. Russia saved Syria, Russia is saving Venezuela & Iran from zionist vultures. My united states is a disgrace on many levels. I feel like the trump circle is a pack of escapees from a mental institution or prison.

  2. Good for Russia and China !!! As this will benefit both country and it’s also good as they are trading without using a single US dollars !!! But for the troublemaker country it definitely a very sour grapes for them !!!

  3. The Traditions, History, Environment and individual outlook of Germans from 1800 to 1945 are all Christian back when Germany was ruled by a Kaiser and his beautiful Cities are protected by Knights with Grand Crosses. The Kingdoms of the Reich Elected an Emperor or Kaiser and the German monarchs married Russian monarchs as if these two monarchies were in love with each other maybe because Germans are descendants of Charlemagne the Bloodline of Heroes and Kings and the Russians are very beautiful Also Heroes and Kings and a lot of land area who knows what the Russians and Germans local citizens are doing in the 1800s, maybe Russians are half Germans and Germans are half Russians they have 500 years of Alliance in between and a lot of occasions to party :-). The Monarchs of Britain have German and Russian Blood. Do you remember the "reports" of the jews???

  4. Why not , they live close to each other and transporting oil would be much more efficient .
    However , I thought we all were supposed to be phasing out fossil fuels .
    The paradigm of perpetual waste is ridiculous . There is no bennefit , and we are in the midst of a mass extinction here on planet Earth , the only planet we live on .
    How does mars look nowadays ? Is it livable ? Do we want earth to look like mars ?
    With all the technology we have today we could make the world a healthy beautiful place to live .
    This paradigm of perpetual waste is turning our world into a toxic dump.

  5. business world doing business deals…….at the same time the insane part of the world, USA, israel saudi arabia, doing war "business"……destroying themselves in the process.

  6. Мы хотели мутить с Германией, но они превратились окончательно в рабов пиндосов. Приходится кооперировать с Китаем, хоть они хитрые и наглые, но по крайней мере у них есть яица гнуть свою линию.

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