Russian Helicopters to Boost Venezuela’s Maduro – VOA News

Russia is getting ready to set up a helicopter maintenance base in Venezuela. The move is yet another sign that Russia continues to pile economic, political and military support for the government of embattled leader Nicolas Maduro. Ricardo Marquina visited the helicopter factory where Russian officials showcased the aircraft and other equipment destined for Moscow’s allies in Venezuela. Jim Bertel narrates.
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  1. Russian trying to get back on Latin America. Like they did on 70 s and 80s. To steal and kill people just to show power. Ridiculous Russia. USA help them to recover from the disaster of his regime. And Putin forgot about. They were starving

  2. Thank god Russia and China are finally strong and morally mature enough to stand up for freedom and liberty in the world. It's Amazing to live in a time that America is the weakest it has been in history. This is what poor morality, ideals, and values do to a country, right always wins in the end.

  3. Hey Russia what happened to USA STAY OUT OF THIS rhetoric? I thought you were going to be neutral and let Venezuela handle itself? You're a bunch of hypocrites giving Maduro weapons and military equipment.

  4. Russia is our friend though! Trump said so! He said we're BFFs! So no need to worry about destabilizing another country!… I swear you can put all the facts in front of some people and they can't see past their own eyelashes…

  5. The Russian Bear is no match for the US Armed Forces and western mercenaries. It's over for Russia in the western hemisphere with bald Putin running home with his tail between his legs.

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