Venezuelans Defend Constitutional President Nicolas Maduro – NewsFire YT Playlist

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  1. The United States is responsible for every single death and injury that occurs in Venezuela with its regime-change operations. It is also a 100% responsible for every single death that occurs two old people and children due to its sanctions on Venezuela.

  2. so now we know why all video from telesur has been hacked for the last few days… fashists be ware!!!! we are the vast majority… you are a tiny minority…. They threw me in jail here in the US for pointing this out… stand up for your people dont let these cheap thugs push you around

  3. President Maduro need to take action against individual who are supporting this like of act in venezuela or arrest the opposition Guiado and all is top supporters, the US administration and it's allies are supporting what Guiado is doing in venezuela and they're doing it for their interest not for the people of venezuela…… Maduro we love you and support you from Africa, peace be with venezuela people ✌✌✌

  4. If you think Americans have guns, you've not seen anything yet, when the SHTF in Venezuela the Chavistas  come out of the woodwork, and they are armed to the teeth, any country (i'm thinking Brazil and Columbia) thinking of coming in there to start some shit on behave of the US , better think twice, they will get a hurting put on them, these people are NO joke.

  5. El pueblo defenderá la patria y la soberanía nacional de el pueblo Bolivariano de Venezuela.

    US and its sellout cronies in the Latin american countries can stay the fuck out. The Venezuelan people do not want your austerity and exploitation. They want autonomy, sovereignty and peace. Out gringo!

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