How UKIP Made Brexit Without Any Power – Brexit Explained – Headlines Missed YT Playlist

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Brexit has been dominating the UK’s political discussion for the last few years. At the centre of that has been Nigel Farage and UKIP, both pushing for the UK to leave the European Union (EU). The interesting thing is that neither UKIP nor Farage has ever had much official political influence, with the party only ever having 2 MPs at the same time. So how were they able to make Brexit a national talking point and convince the UK to leave?

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  1. When you said the bastards did not agree with your thoughts you have shown your very biased views. Not liked anymore and not subscribed, go join the BBC. Was impressed with your feedback until you showed your biased views, no more thanks.

  2. TL:DR They Bluffed Cameron into overestimating them as a potential threat in the 2015 election causing him to make a campaign promise he never expected to keep

  3. No no no! You are missing out all the real history! Brexit was going to happen from the moment Maastricht was forced through parliament after being voted down.
    It was just a question of time.
    There has never been a majority in the UK for an EU superstate to compete with the US and there never will be.
    At some point remaining in the EU was going to be untenable no matter how much pain leaving was going to be.

  4. Mmm, no. It's not really true that LibDems supported AV, few members did and even fewer supporters or MPs. Most of us thought it was better than FPP, but AV is not proportional representation. The LibDem policy has always been, and still is as far as I know, to support STV. (If you want to mathematically pedantic, you could point out that AV is a version of STV where each constituency nominates one candidate, but that's not exactly in the spirit of what supports of STV have in mind).

  5. Whatever you may think of Nigel Farage (and I don't like him, because he's a White CUCK), Nigel Farage is SOLID PROOF of the power of social influence; In many ways, it's more useful to be able to hijack public opinion and ultimately make a shift n public debate – in what's acceptable, in what's mainstream. Once you do that, you've basically laid the foundations, potentially, for a new kind of political party, and when done on a massive scale, it could (theoretically) be a civilisational shift.

  6. Have you thought maybe not spending so much of each video dedicated to blasting us with FB, IG, SC, PB&J style links? It just sounds like wingeing at this point…

  7. Recent events have shown that UKIP was Farage and Farage was UKIP. Inseparable in the eyes of Mr & Mrs Mainstream. Batten's panicky net-throwing to get more members has resulted in them taking a wrong turn and the man is clearly politically naive. TBP will walk it on 23rd May. More shockwaves methinks – a message has to be sent.

  8. How Brexit happen’. If you give opportunity to the drunk pigs to vote that’s what happens. Instead of staying in the pub where they belong too.

  9. How can a party that want to decrease immigration, have an (genreally perceived as) african animal as a logo ? Changing it back to the pound is actually more consistent.
    Also, I am not from the UK or anything, so I probably miss the point, but isn't it a bit cringy to use a big badass animal as a political party symbole ?

  10. Don’t forget that LibDems wanted a proportional system like STV, so the Tories’ “compromise” of alternative vote—a non-proportional system—didn’t have the support of many voters who wanted to change the voting system.

  11. I don't understand UKIP politics…they have more representation in EU elections (that are designed to favor the smaller parties), than in UK elections (where only the big parties rule, and UKIP have almost no power)….yet UKIP is the one pushing for UK's hard Brexit out of EU…isn't that kind of like cutting off the branch of the tree you are sitting on!!

  12. This title conflates power with public office. The fact that UKIP made Brexit happen has demonstrated their political power. As we've seen with the referendum, the public vote now has very little actual value. PR firms and think tanks now have far more influence than the electorate, as a corporate globalist media spins a corporate globalist agenda to a gullible, ill informed public, for their corporate globalist paymasters.
    As the French elitists are currently finding out, being in public office does not necessarily mean being in power. Likewise, authority is NOT truth, but truth IS authority.

  13. That was flawless and on point. The main key point is: the EU matter has been debated for nearly half a century, yet was only voted on in 2016.

    Those who say 'democracy isn't static' or that 'people can change their minds' are trying to convince decades-ardent EU-sceptics to hold another vote within only a few short years, and before the first vote has been implemented. Remoaners have no idea how insulting it is for them to ask for a do-over. So, given this division won't ever heal, we on the Leave side say: NO to compromise!

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