Elizabeth Warren’s Republican Transformation – Leftzilla YT Playlist

Elizabeth Warren wasn’t always so progressive. Ana Kasparian breaks it down on #NoFilter. Watch #NoFilter on YouTube TV here: https://tv.youtube.com/browse/UCSnFkX-bCQG8Dyj7LlzICHQ

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Hosts: Ana Kasparian

Cast: Ana Kasparian


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  1. You may be right about Warren. I will keep an open mind. Meantime, it is really noticeable that TYT rarely talk about Tulsi Gabbard – a far better candidate. They made some wrong calls before despite their hearts being in the right place. I think they are making one again…

  2. Hm, you see, that's the problem when your channel turns into a political attack platform for one specific group. I've seen TYT dig up stuff from people's past that's way older than a decade and they love to use that to attack people's careers and characters. Unless we're talking about real crimes, it's just douchery, hatchet jobs and fluff pieces.

  3. I thought you guys liked the savage. I'm confused…so you ONLY like Bernie? Won't matter, Biden's kicking ass. Guess most people aren't as crazy as the Turks.

  4. Reading some comments down here and some mention tulsi gabbard. Tulsi is not a warmonger or not a progressive. Where is this idea she is a warmonger or not progressive? She has voted against wars and regime change wars or plans that bring that for awhile now. She is running on literally everything Bernie has and is open to bringing other progressive ideas like a ubi of some sort. She dropped her seat in the dnc during the election to support Bernie and his message and advocates even more then Bernie about wars that are ending lives and people like Assange. Shes gotten endorsed by our revolution and other progressive people/groups. Shes also been more critical on specific canidates or people on the "left" who take corporate money or have weaker stances for change. Seriously if you think tulsi isnt progressive or a warmonger you need to look more into her cause your clearly not been.

  5. I love TYT bringing up these old video's. I remember when TYt had segments like "guess the camel toe" or when Cenk said that a man getting tied up and raped multiple times by a women was "awesome".

  6. Elizabeth says she'll take corporate pac money in the general. that's a disqualifier. funny how ana says Elizabeth is a progressive but tulsi isn't. tyt is a joke now

  7. Back in the old days, Warren had the RIGHT idea about "feminism".
    They don't make real women any more. I like Lizzy Warren, but… they don't make em real any more.

  8. This was completely random. The clip did not support anything Ana said afterwards. But at least the basic message, "keep an open mind" is fine.

  9. Warren is a close friend of Suze Orman, who was part of a credit card scam that defrauded countless people.
    I like Warren, but there is something about her that I don't trust.

  10. Yeah, i don't see why Liz gets a gushing review about how wonderfully progressive she is now, but somehow tulsi isn't. Tulsi is way more progressive. And ya girl Liz left ya superboi bernie hangin MN out to dry in 2016, when endorsement would have accelerated bernie's quick rise, to carry on to the rest of the nation.

  11. Generation time does change what a particular term & group means … "women liberation" – bra less, unshaved legs, hairy arm pits, man hating, lesbian in denial. … "Environmentalist" – tree hugging, long haired hippy, smoking dope, preaching pseudo mother-nature religion.
    … …
    Whereas an "environmentalist" today can be a 13 year old kid concern about global climate-change, and the world they are going to grow up in.
    A "women liberationalist" could be a manager trying to open job roles up for women, at equal pay with men.
    … …
    Time changes terms; e.g. socialism is not the same as communism.

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