Progressives Rip Olberman’s Unhinged Red-Baiting (Live From Ventura) – Leftzilla YT Playlist

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  1. Keith Olbermann reminds me in this video of a spoof of a CIA media plant during the Warren Commission years spouting off about conspiracy theorists questioning the validity of the Warren Commission report on JFK's assassination. He even has the skinny tie and whole look of a 60s geek… the scary part is there are people out there that take this seriously and believe it!

  2. I'm not sure what is going on here. Republicans always make up fake Democratic crimes because the Democrats are generally honest and above board. The Republicans on the other hand are generally corrupt and have never been more so than under Trump. Just because Republicans sound like this when making shit up and Democrats sound like this when making valid warnings about the Republicans selling us out doesn't mean they are equal. It is a false analogy.

  3. Oh I know, he can be used as a bio heat generator to warm up a lunch or to boil water for the tea..Just place the plate or a teapot on the top of his head.. Can't find any other use for his head….

  4. Spygate = Joe Biden – as Vice President – was one of the main perpetrators when concocting and implementing the coup, that is, when the Obama White House tried their best to bring down a duly elected president of the opposition party.
    Also: google "Joe Biden and Ukraine" and "Joe Biden and China". Horrible stuff.

  5. Those recordings were from a couple of years ago when we had very little info. I myself am thankful for Keith, because once he stopped his YouTube show, YouTube suggested other political channels. That’s how I thankfully discovered all of the incredible progressive shows I now watch including this one. I’m a progressive Bernie supporter. I guess I’m a glass half full YouTube fan.

  6. It is Israel not Russia that controls and interferes in US elections. This is the big lie, but Dem's must ignore Trump's money laundering for Jewish oligarchs because they are also implicated. The whole Russian diversion is led by sick neo-conservatives jews like Madcow and Olberman who have never met a war they did not want to shed American soldiers blood in.

  7. To be fair, saying Obama was ruining America is still not as bad as saying we have a Manchurian Candidate controlled and owned by a foreign foe.

    Both are silly, but only one could start World War 3.

  8. The truth is, the DNC rigged the Dem primaries for Hillary, but everyone on both sides hated Hillary. They hated Hillary so much that Trump, who was supposed to take a dive for her by being a huge asshole, still managed to win 2016 because 4chan, reddit, and twitter memed Hillary and her corporate shills into oblivion, but they're too embarrassed to admit it.

  9. How come NOBODY is mentioning Barrack Obama??!! That all happened on his watch and he did NOTHING!!!! He even said the Russians didn't impact the elections. That should be played at the beginning of every news show.

  10. These ragebaiting for views corporate MSM millionaires will never stop until some brave worker decides to make a "tough decision" regarding Keith Olberman and others like him. There's never been a peaceful revolution in the history of this planet. DIRECT ACTION is the only way we will ever achieve real change or true progress against the bourgeoisie.

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