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South Korea has been one of the greatest economic success stories s in history. In little more than three decades, South Korea went from being a third world country to becoming one of the richest countries on the planet.

However, the truth is that the South Korean economy is going through a slump and many experts are already talking about an exhausted model. In 2017, Moon Jae-in won the elections with a promise: to reform the country’s economic model.

In this video we’ll tell you what is happening in South Korea, how things are going, the surprising policies with which President Moon Jae-in wants to revolutionize South Korea and the role that its neighbor, North Korea, will play.

How did SOUTH KOREA become so RICH?

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  1. You missed one critical aspect in explaining the current regime of South Korea under Moon's leadership. Look at the terms by which you just summarized his policies: "more taxes, more public spending, more public employments, higher minimum wages, development of North Korea." You're right! We correctly call it 'socialism.' Moon's ideology is deeply rooted in home-grown socialism from 1970s and 1980s in fond admiration of communism in China and North Korea at the time. His clear ideological skew delineates all of his anti-American, pro-communist policies that are dragging the 11th largest economy of the world down into drain. He and his cronies used to praise and propagate Venezuelan dictator Chavez and his failed policies as the true hero and prime reference points that South Korea should benchmark.

  2. I think SKorea problem is the same with other very much capitalist country like USA's; the cause is too much power concentrated in the hand of very few rich billionaires. They control the government policies to benefit them and the politicians were elected using their money for campaigning so of course they will listen to the one who give them money, see this video: This is the flaw in democracy, people need to think how to solve this problem.

  3. As a korean myself, i heard this saying time and time again "if you want to know what will happen to Korea 10 years from now, look at Japan." Many say Korea has been closely following Japan's footsteps in terms of economic perfermance.

  4. I wonder if pop culture will become a necessary staple for South Korea the same as it has in Japan and the US when they went through similar economic changes. It seems at least K Pop and Dramas are headed that way.

  5. It's funny bc Koreans get pissed off when someone corrects their English pronunciation, but they don't hesitate to correct foreigners' Korean pronunciation and even make fun of it.

  6. It’s shitty but if you look at it, it’s either chaebol or foreign MNCs. If I were Korea I would choose the chaebol, at least they are your people and your company. Other countries such as Thailand are completely controlled by MMCs and have no chance of moving up the value chain since they don’t have any influential companies. They are stuck in the middle income trap. The problem with Korea is their culture, the long working hours, ridiculously stressful working environment and intense toxic competition are the result of their culture, which the government needs to introduce law and reform education to change the people’s mindset

  7. Here. We go again… that footage is not Southwest Korea…. This brother can read Hanguel and that my friend is not Hanguel. First it Black soldiers in WW1 uniforms labeled incorrectly as WW2 now this… Who are you????

  8. He has a very confused policy mix. On the one hand, he wants to boost wages, on the other hand, he wants to export jobs to North Korea — that's a pretty difficult combination. IMO, he should focus on stimulating domestic demand and boosting productivity. That's really the only sustainable path to income growth.

  9. the chaebols have too much leverage against the Korean economy that the government can't really restrict the benefits. If they do make it harder for these conglomorates to do business in Korea, they will simply leave and find a new country to base their headquarters in

  10. Its literally impossible, as those Chaebol was so entrenched in every aspect of South Korean life to touch them would be akin to suicide, they could even afford to let them fail. That is one reason why no one try to do anything against them eventhough every politician knows the problem. So what makes South Korea successful will likely be its downfall.

  11. Moon Adm is systematically dismembering Coperate Korea peice by peice and selling it to China at the lowest bidder!
    What kind of reform is that?

  12. Cracking chabol? For what?
    Isnt Moon strong arming Samsung to invest on NOKO? Not only it violates UN Sanctions but also promotes Gov-chabol collution.

  13. Amongst Moon's failed policy, abandonment of Nuclear Engery is worst of all! It literally crippled countries industrial base. Investors are fleeing from the industrial sector due to rising cost.

  14. In order to free market economy to flurish Rule of law(Due process) has to be instilled within the system. Which Moon constantly disregarded-ie) jailing journalists and former President with out concrete evidence…etc…threatening Youtubers

  15. Moon Adm is quasi-totalitarian Govt. serving the bigger totalitarian state CHINA.
    Job killing tax raise is merely a preludes to bigger state controlled economy.

  16. How to spot an american minded channel?
    Taxes: booo!
    Market restrictions: booo!
    Anything regulating companies (min wage, workers rights, …): booo!

    Free market: Yay!

    Thank the lord that this works all so well in the USA and all those socialist shithole countries in Europa, or like Canada and China are so screwed!

  17. Moon has been DESTROYING every aspect of South Korea.
    Yet he denies despite all the facts.
    Don't be surprised by the end of his terms the country is no longer a first world country.

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