Let’s talk about Ben Shapiro, getting destroyed, and something important…. – Polzilla YT Playlist

The video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e82PJiY8RIY

Andrew Neil’s wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_Neil

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  1. He made his own trap & fell in it,& deserves everything he got,Shapiro is a one-trick pony,&essentially trying to do the anti-intellectual thing using his peculiar brand of intellect.

  2. Conservative means to conserve some thing or keep it as it is why any body would believe they are out there to promote progression or look for a modern solution is beyond me .
    They are meant to resist change i can't blame them .

  3. You're the moron…
    Same old story from you haters, climate change, abortions and laughing to yourself.
    Shapiro was interviewed by an old Englishman so out of touch with reality he had to dig up old tweets like a jealous ex girlfriend.
    Shapiro wasn't destroyed more like annoyed by an old man.
    Try not to laugh at yourself so much, your message won't be so comical.

  4. Ben Shapiro is very smart .. He got mad .. Because he is very pro-life .. I watched the whole thing he was going to leave when when the guy said his prolife stance was taking them back to the darkages..
    And then he admitted his fault .. My hat off to Shapiro.. Anger lowers intelligence ..he is human

  5. Well I'm English and I don't like Neil one bit but he did y'all a favour by humiliating Benny boiler Shapiro. He's such an offensive little dweeb and I hate anyone who kisses trumps fat backside 🙂

  6. I enjoyed this vid. It's true, it's up to the people to fix it; yeah, and Ben got is ass handed to him by Andrew which is pretty damn funny.

  7. Neils questions where straight from the same questions from Bens q&a after his lectures by leftwing students. Ben should have kept his cool better, but Neil was disappointing in his questioning, he sounded just like the leftwing college students and media.

  8. Shapiro basically owned himself, it was very uncharacteristic of him to snap like he did. It wasn't the first time he's had his own quotes thrown back at him, out of context, but he normally has pretty good responses, whether he "owns" the other person or he is having a respectful debate. As a matter of fact, he has many more civil debates than he does volatile debates but obviously the "Ben Shapiro OWNS xxxxx" videos get far more views. The author of this video obviously isn't a fan of Shapiro and is biased towards conservatives, not to say that there's anything wrong with that, but it's true. The author of this video only seems to be familiar with the "owned" videos.

  9. Fox News is the 'most trusted news source' because most Americans are idiots. I am much like you, Beau. I'm a liberal who is not anti-gun. I don't think we can pick and choose which parts of the Constitution we support. Americans should support all parts of it.

  10. Word up on the closing statement, brother. Liked, subscribed, and belled – and I truly dislike politically based content.

  11. Now why don't you try to make a video where you tell the truth?! He did not simply ask a question about abortion, he posed a question about abortion and insinuated that anybody who disagreed was barbaric. Clever how you left that little part out of the video. what's the matter? You would have absolutely nothing to say if you didn't fabricate your own facts? And as far as him taking his microphone off and walking away, why would anybody sit there in an interview being insulted by somebody who doesn't have spine enough to answer one simple question asked back at him? You are a douchebag, duck dynasty wanna be

  12. I knew he was in trouble when he decided to attack Niel instead of answer the question. I think the smug look on his face when Niel read some of his YouTube titles really betrayed the attitude he took of "well I didn't title them"

  13. Hey Beau, you are a smart lad no doubt. I'm moving more toward your type of commentary and away, though not far from my trusted friends at CNN, BBC and the like. Keep up the good fight, keep up the good education. Journalists are educators. Bad jourees are bad educators but honest journees are inspirational, they freed Nelson Mandela a freedom fighter and in turn Trevor Noah who was born a crime.

  14. It's funny to me how conservatives put certain countries (white countries) on a pedestal while demonizing other (not white) countries, but their policies would be considered completely radical almost anywhere in Europe. How do they square that circle?

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