My Jackery Opinion and a Little Back Story of Myself – Futureq YT Playlist

I wanted to give my honest opinion of my Jackery Power Station so here it is. I do use it and I do like it a lot. It has got me out of some jams recently when it comes to charging things. Below you’ll see the link to the unit and promo code for the Jackery 240 vailed from Nov. 19th – Dec. 2nd.

Promo Code: Has Passed for now. Link for Jackery below

Explorer 240:

Van for sale video:

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  1. Dude! We didn't want your life story and why you're living in a van. We want to know about the product. Anybody else skip to 2 5 minutes and 11 seconds to pass the mumbo-jumbo BS that nobody really cares about

  2. Who Do You Get Your Mail Delivered? And How Do You Vote If You Have No Address? But Anyway Enjoy Your Advantage! Love The Old Video! Don't Worry About Your Accent I'm From The Bronx And I Understand You Fine! I'm Glad You Are Van Builder You Do Good Work! Thank You.

  3. I like the back splash tile. I would like to see a van covered inside with that tile, all four sides. Is that possible? California fans of your channel may consider taking local adult school classes in wood working, welding, solar panel installation (should be able to lift forty pounds), and CAL OSHA test preparation. CAL OSHA saves lives! You memorize hundreds of codes, drive around and inspect building sites, fill out paperwork. You are not allowed to do any physical labor as a CAL OSHA code enforcer. You can get fired if you pick up tools and get involved. The instructor, Martin, teaches at a number of adult schools and American River Community College near Sacramento. His A.R.C.C. courses are much more in depth, for a degree program. The classes at Richmond Annex, through the West Contra Costa County, city of Richmond, is located at the Avorado School site on Sutter Street. The class is about ten weeks and meets on Saturday. If you are willing to drive out of the way, and pay the fees, you can take adult school courses out of your zip code.

  4. I have been interested in one of these to run a small fridge. Wondering if it would be enough power to keep a fridge cold overnight and would then charge up fully during the day either from the van 12V source or solar panel. Seems like a relatively inexpensive way to power something like that.

  5. Have you done a specific video showing your woodworking storage/shop? I’m a finish carpenter & woodworker and am looking for ways to fit all my tools in the “garage” part of a van or bus while also create living space for my family of 4.

  6. Hey Jarrod!!! Just getting caught back up. Thank you for the personal insight into your world. I agree with a lot of those sentiments. Have fun, be careful out there and Thank you for sharing.

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