Solar powered “Thermal Vacuum Water Pump”, needs no electricity and has no moving parts! – Futureq YT Playlist

NEW invention called the “Solar Evacuated Thermal Vacuum Water Pump” or (SETVP’s), works by harnessing the energy of the sun in the day time and then uses the cold of night to create a vacuum in the system that is used to pump water. A link to the second video showing the addition of two one way valves to make it pump water in the day time under pressure is at the end of the video!!! This is a working prototype of an idea on how to pump water from stagnant water sources cheaply using no moving part. I see only a few limitations on overall potential lift height.

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  1. This is opposite thinking of a Heros fountain design. Wear water going down hill presurized a vessle to pump air in to a fountain head. Instead of underpressure driving the motion of water, it would be over pressure driving water. Classic versions of this used down hill stream flows to fill up stream water towers for farming and pressurized water uses.

  2. Next time, Use Hot Fill containers used for Gatorade or powerade (or apple / Spaghetti sauce) ect. These are specifically design to hold vacuum and will not collapse. The alternative, is to 3D print rings that can be glued onto the bottles you are using to prevent collapsing.

  3. instead of a vacuum why not just paint the straws black and use the bottles as mini greenhouses. As the sun comes up hot water rises. or use glass bottles

  4. Plastic soda bottles are much stronger than those flimsy water bottles. If you still get collapse, you can move to glass bottles. Snapple used to be in nice glass bottles that were great for experimental uses, but now they are just really thick plastic. Bonus points if you re-use straws for the tubing.

  5. Tho its awesome science, how could this be effective on a massive scale? I only see a once a day draw unless you using massive energy to force cooling multiple times a day… if we keep frickin with our water, we meaning government, big oil etc, we may need such scale and energy focus.
    Now, on a idea for pulling well water at depths could be something… you got my marble rolling in my head now lol

  6. Great man! Maybe a long PVC pipe painted black would do better but I'm you already thought of that. Also can be done, to have many cycles per day is some sort of intermittent shadow, that can be simple vertical poles that will do shadow at some time during the day or a moving "shadower" also actuated by another similar system: water, bottle,pipe, unbalance part,etc

  7. Well done. If you use 44 gallon drums and paint them black I reckon you could move a lot of water. You should try and store the energy as water and then release it out and make electricity. Next YouTube video

  8. I pay nearly £700/annum for my water and sewerage bill here in the U.K. was waiting for the last of my grown up kids to move out again before getting a water meter in and then collecting rainwater and pumping it up a few floors to flush the wc etc. As I've got solar pumping costs would have been minimal but now I am thinking just how high could this pump…I've got plenty of one inch blue alkathene and one and a quarter inch tubing/ piping, look forward to see how high you can get it to siphon…

  9. It would be interesting to see it scaled up to a series of 55 gallon drums 30 ft high. With that kind of height and volume of water the system could be used to supply a house and garden.

  10. "When a man searches for knowledge two paths lie before him, either its "knowledge is power" or its "knowledge will set you free", will you choose the wrong path, or walk alone with me". Well done Mr.T.

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