The New 2020 Toyota Supra Is Worth The Wait – (Track) One Take – NewsFire YT Playlist

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It’s finally here! After 25 years, the Toyota Supra is back! The all-new, ‘MKV’ Supra, which shares a powertrain, wheel track & width dimensions, and electronics with the all-new BMW Z4 Roadster, features a 3.0L Twin-Scroll Turbocharged ‘B58’ Inline Six, and weighs in at 3,390 lbs. With a starting price of just over $50,000 and a maxed-out MSRP under $60k, the Supra could slot nicely into the white space between the Pony Cars and Porsche’s, right where BMW’s M2 currently lives. Toyota was kind enough to provide Matt with loads of track time to learn the Supra and find its limits for this review.

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Toyota USA provided flights, hotel, meals, airport transfers, the vehicle, and plenty of race track time at Summit Point for this review.

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  1. Wait until a fanboy blows his shit up.
    Throw in a 1jz/2jz and manual trans.
    sell the stock trans and engine shit.
    Boom ! Now you have50% fantastic supra ..and 50% gay (aka lame) tomato soupra.

  2. Look how they massacred my boy.

    If this was just a race version of an 86gt I'd be perfectly fine with it. Like how the focus RS is a race version of a focus. But this is a SUPRA. The MkIV was never meant to be a track car. It was a bland unassuming 2 door sports car that people found out you could pull it off the lot and crank up the boost to 40psi. It was a fucking powerhouse on wheels now it's just a BMW Z4 that looks like an 86gt. The car itself is fine I guess but to me it's just not a real supra.

  3. Awesome its growing on me. I can't wait to see what kind of numbers it makes once tuners get their hands on it. Intake, headers full exhaust, downpipe, dyno tune. It will probably easily make 450-500whp

  4. Was looking forward to the supra reveal and like it…but a little dissapointed that its shorter than Mk4, not a 4seater and it doesnt have a phat wing on the back. Other than that i like it. Oh yeh….the wheel design is crap

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