Chris Broussard DEBATE Joel Embiid: “I don’t give a damn about the process” | FIRST THINGS FIRST – Sportzilla YT Playlist

Chris Broussard DEBATE Joel Embiid: “I don’t give a damn about the process” | FIRST THINGS FIRST
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  1. Embid's nickname was "The Process", but now he don't give a damn about the process. It shows his immaturity, his inability to understand what is really going on in Philadelphia.

  2. Brett isnt a great coach, but I do think he is a good one. Beating the celtics and raptors, two of the best defensive teams in the league, at the buzzer is very difficult when you have no-jumper-simmons and tired-as-hell-embiid on the floor as the main guys

  3. Fire the the coach 1st. The true testament of an X&O guy is success out of timeouts, out of bounds, and halftime. Embiid and Simmons cannot coexist. Simmons is screwing up the spacing, forcing Joel off the block where he presents defenses with a huge problem.

  4. If Philly drops Brett Brown after losing in that manner, like these analysts are saying, I think it would be one of the dumbest moves the franchise could make. Apparently a line up that only played 21 games together was expected to crack one of the top NBA defense, and the difference between good job and you're fired is losing in game 7 to a buzzer beater.

  5. I felt sorry for embiid it goes to show you that he really won't to win not just for the money…keep the same team set up a system for talent at hand…keep the same coach as well…they r new playing with each other next year I guarantee they will make adjustments.

  6. Lolololol (choking)!!

    Joel Embiid should be a comic (The process)!!

    The real is that Joel needs to work on his footwork during the off season. It's painful watching him trying to play small ball when the ball is in his hands.

    He needs to pick up on finesse offensive moves, get quicker and lose weight!

  7. Show me a player in NBA history that improved their jump shot

    Gives two players

    But but they don’t count 😤

    Also why does something have to be done before to happen again?

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