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New Evidence Sheds Damaging Light on Google News Bias A newly released study found that left-leaning news sites are strongly favored by Google in its “Top Stories” results for online searches. The Computational Journalism Lab at Northwestern University conducted an audit singling out 200 queries related to the news cycle in November 2017 and determined three outlets far outranked all others: CNN, The New York Times and The Washington Post. Northwest communications professor Nicholas Diakopoulos reported in the Columbia Journalism Review that together these three accounted for 23 percent of all article impressions among Top Stories generated by Google. The only conservative outlet that appeared in the top 20 was Fox News. Using an earlier study that identified the ideological bent of news outlets based on who shares the content on Facebook, the professor found left-leaning stories dominated the Top Stories results overall. Diakopoulos recounted even when multiple source stories showed up on a particulate search topic, a few left-leaning outlets far surpassed all others.

Report: Google Favors Small Number of Publishers, Majority Are Left-Leaning Publications

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