Tour of RabbitSide – Slab City’s Botanical Art Palace! – PG Muser YT Playlist

You asked, so I delivered! Here is a lovely tour of Slab City’s RabbitSide which was built by Jessie, Ryan and Peter over the course of the last year and a half. Going on their second Slab City summer, they are working hard to craft a sustainable eco-home out in the barren, blazing wasteland!

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  1. This is SO incredibly cool. Hope this is okay to ask, but what happened to all the equipment and animals at “Goonies” after he went to jail? I’ve always wondered about the animals.

  2. That man is well spoken. Amazing stuff presented here today. Nice couple. If all of society were just like you 3 what a place this would be.

  3. Cornelius, That was one of your best videos! I really loved their ingenuity and dedication.

    I had an idea for another merch item you could do… Souvenir Library Cards

  4. I have comented before I would love to come out and help everybody I see. Lewis seems to be doing good things for the community, and this is what its about. Rabbits back I subbed today because I'm pretty impressed, y'all got it right.

    I'm in Michigan right now working construction because I got caught up with a DUI.

    When they let me go……. Hahaha, I have knowledge in the scrap and construction business. I also have spent time on the street in ob, long Beach and Hollywood.

    Lived from Cali to Florida doing "slave" work and really thinking man. I wanna go back West so bad plus🍄I got a income lol. My cuz is a weed cultivator and taught me a lot. Tbh

  5. Thanks for the vid Corn, RabbitSide seems to be coming up more and more on my feed… Ryan, Jessie and Peter have got it on! Oasis in the desert… luv the animal psychology… also shows how foraging for stuff, cataloging it, using it later helps… I grew up in a kinda 1800's style home in New England where everything was saved, every scrap, every piece of string… BUT, when you wanted to do something, you always had what you needed…

  6. I just don't have the words..Fills my heart with joy. Thanks for the vid I have been wanting to see more of those two 8) and their home. Thanks you three.

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