True Story Of The Ford Mustang Pickup – 1966 Ford Mustero – Futureq YT Playlist

There’s no more unique Ford Mustang than the 1966 Mustero. It was a Mustang pickup and here’s the true story of how it came to be.

Special Note: This is the new extended and totally revamped version of short video we did back in 2016.

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  1. With everybody buying pickups you'd think they'd make new el caminos and rancheros. But the last Subaru Brat didn't sell many and people want 4 doors and BIG. A shame, Id love an El Camino. They could have made a nice unibody one off the last Monte Carlo SS.

  2. It's easy to see why this Beverly Hills place shut down. What a stupid idea. That's worse than a Camaro Station Wagon or how about a Corvette pick up truck. Some people never know when to give it up.

  3. Too cool to have had a family member directly involved in the making of a true American icon. I have owned a 68' California Special Mustang since the summer of 86. I restored it in the late 90's. Cal Special's are probably the only Stangs that I know of that did not have the 'running horse' featured anywhere on the exterior body or grille. Since a correct Cal Special grille was impossible to find, I opted for an aftermarket billet aluminum grille. But, I had to have the horse! So, I made mounts and did it myself. I also put the horse and tri-bar emblems on both front fenders which is incorrect for this model, but hey….. I wanted your dad's horses on my Mustang!

  4. My first car was a `65 Mustang hard top with the small inline six cylinder engine, a 240 c.i. I think it was, with an automatic slide stick in the floor. I would chop one of my fingers off with a hatchet to have that car back.

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