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Hello, dear friends! What do you know about the heart of your car, its engine? What is it like, what could it be ?
Let’s start with some technologies that are not groundbreaking, but are just modifications of fuel-burning engines. Here is an orbital internal combustion engine which is called the Skyactiv-X by Mazda where the combustion methodology of a diesel engine involves synchronization of a gasoline one. And here is a rotary engine whose development was financed by the Department of Defense of the USA. There is another extraordinary engine with opposite piston design. The engine produces 30% fewer emissions compared with its counterparts but its design cannot be considered fundamentally new.
All these solutions that may seem innovative at first sight are nothing but improved old technologies created more than one hundred years ago. You might think that engines that do not burn fossil fuels are things of science fiction and they have not been invented yet. They have, in fact, existed for a long time. So today we will know why this engines are banned.

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  2. Global warming is a myth now they call it global climate change it's all lies put out by the government to scare stupid people, all emissions are is a way to steal more money from the people, there's these things called trees and what they do is they use the carbon emissions from cars as food there's for it doesn't even reach our atmosphere and if you really wanna stop pollution it's not cars planes, jets are absolutely the worst things they burn jet fuel way worse then any gasoline right in the sky and there used by the same rich fucks that cry about the "environment" it's all a sham to control the sheeple of our very stupid world…

  3. thorium has one problem that they dont tell you they can fix it but of course its taking some time but the problem is that how can you design a material that is able to withdstand attack from elemental sodium and fluorine at temps exceeding 800 celsius which are generated by a thorium reactor due to the sodium fluoride salt used in the reactor along with thorium fluoride salts.

  4. a futuristic way to produce power would be to convert fuels or sugars into electricity catalytically at high efficiency without using noble metals like platinum.
    think its impossible ? we are proof it works because we convert chemical energy into mechanical energy and the way that works is a complex mechanism called cellular respiration.
    now if we could build an artificial version of it that would produce electricity instead of ATP it would be great since the last step of cellular respiration is called the friggin electron transport chain.
    thing is though these types of materials called as artificial molecular composites are in its infancy

  5. hho for fuel cannot work unless the hydrogen is seperated from the O2 by membrane!
    if you feed HHO into a fuel cell it will explode!
    if you feed raw HHO into an engine well it can work but even with a flashback arrestor your storage tank is a dangerous explosive nightmare plus if its under 200 bar any sufficient activation energy or can result in catastrophic failure

  6. My brother is part of a student team that develops a racecar with a water engine. It's called forze and located in Delft, the Netherlands. It's actually pretty cool what they can do as students.

  7. Come on now we know they murder people who mess with the gas oil companies…water can be use to run engines..stop the bull

  8. Using crankshaft power to turn an alternator in order to split water into hydrogen and oxygen (HHO) will never allow you to come out ahead. When you burn the same hydrogen to run the engine, you are producing LESS energy than you spent. Taking water apart and the putting it back together is a waste of power.
    You will never get back the energy of dissociation. The water-only car guy was a liar and a professional fraud and that is why you don't see him or his car on the road. His "mysterious death" was likely caused by investors he ripped off. Physics will win out over wishful thinking every time.

  9. No banned engines, just a load of comments slighting the companies we rely on to power our world at this point in time. If we want to reach any sort of solution, provide positive solutions instead of subtle jabs at those that assist in the success of people worldwide.

  10. I believe we have to move forward in technology but I don't want to see only elec cars and trucksexspeacally in the north ,I would like to see hydrogen from water something we have a lot of,the oceans ,but I don't want to see oil go away either ,we need to find a happy middle.

  11. Hahahaah "Ziguli" model hahahaha 🙂 🙂 🙂 Zhiguli was a brand of cars manufactured in Russia and the Soviet Union by AvtoVAZ during 1970-2012 witch was copy of the Italian brand FIAT and model 124..Nice vid ..!

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