Will Damming This River Lead to War? – PG Muser YT Playlist

Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink. Today’s episode is about a dam they’d never let me get close to, and the countries who wish to destroy it.

I didn’t get a chance to review this video after it was edited due to birthday celebrations, so here’s hoping there are no mistakes…

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  1. It's better to not. If it does get built, someone, at some point in time, WILL want to destroy it. It's better to find the alternate solution, in the wake of the long term violence that comes from short term decisions.

  2. Egypt has already beefed up its military with American tech. What are Eithopians going to do against the only military powerhouse on entire continent that has control over one of the most internationally important canals in the world. Who is willing to lose billions of dollars because they want to help protect Eithopia's dam. This is nothing more than a suicide attempt. There are other methods of energy.

  3. egypt does know that it would be going to war with CHINA!!! isnt that whos funding the building of the damn among other things. . . . . I wouldnt fancy egypts chances

  4. What alternatives are there for Egypt besides Open War?

    i) Start an expensive comprehensive irrigation programme to counteract the over reliance on flood plains (this beats wasting massive billions of dollars on building a new Capital City)

    ii) Train highly specialised black ops to sabotage and destroy the Ethiopian Dams once they're built. It's probably too expensive to be rebuilt, and if does get rebuilt, then destroy it again.

  5. How about have the government give money for free sterilization and payouts to those who participate…. The true problems of the world are due to overpopulation… The only pollution is us. Dams and Co2 climate change can only be solved by reducing the population.

  6. Down stream country already have the stock of water.
    can't they manage that water stock, at least till the dam have half capacity. Aren't white nile still flowing?

  7. Being countries by the sea, and one that depends on water so much in a hot climate, one would thing they would invest in desalination like israel did. Instead they rely on fresh dirty water which travels thousands of miles to drink, and use for their land.

  8. Caspian Report did a piece about this some years ago. Egypt is stronger than Ethiopia militarily but they aren't strong enough to project power that far. They can't fly over and bomb the dam, its too far for their Air Forces capabilities. They can't invade because of the large swarthes of desert between them. They can bark all they want buy Abyssinia has the Pharaohs by the balls.

  9. Just send the thirsty to Europe, where they will experience,
    Free housing
    Free medical
    Free food
    Free everything.
    Who cares about a dam, Europe has streets paved with gold……

  10. Old president melese zenawi he was good leader especially he start dum the water to give erhiopian electricity but he pass away .right now our president abiy Ahmed he have some agree with egypty ethiopian people dont know nothing. Since he became to power right away he keep going Egypt everytime and the dam is stopped right. Now .ethiopian people keep pushing government but government keep exuse no money need money like that .But this dum never stoped it will finsh becauese we ethiopians dont have no electricity in capitalcity even h 3 times a week we get electricity.

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