US V China, The Battle for the Copyrights


The article highlighted here shines a light on something I have been musing on for some time, the fundamental stakes between the United States and China.  I came to the conclusion that at its heart is a technological arms race, where the US is finally realizing that arms race is as much about smart phones as it is killer drones.

What’s at stake here is an old system of patents and copyrights that the West created, set the terms for, and, what a surprise, got a lot of the best patents and copyrights, and continue to do so.    If Chine is ‘allowed’ to become the market leader, as the US currently is (though China is already affecting major markets like the film and gaming industry), then the very system of patents and copyrights could be fundamentally undermined.

But, from China’s perspective, all these copyrights, these patents, are hindrances to their own internal technological development, not to mention the lost technological comparability these Chinese companies could theoretically suffer.  It is the case of opposing interests with little between them to suggest a compromise is possible.  Here’s a bit on the angle from the Washington Post,

Wire – How the U.S.-China trade war became a conflict over the future of tech – The Washington Post

From The Washington Post –

President Trump’s decision to confront Beijing over policies that he says discriminate against foreign companies and distort global markets has become a battle for control of advanced communications and computing technologies.

That evolution is taking the transpacific conflict into sensitive realms of national security and human rights, making a quick settlement an ever more distant outcome. It is also putting at risk a wide array of U.S.-China technology cooperation, including easy access to visas for researchers and venture capital funds for U.S. start-ups — and threatening to boomerang on U.S. companies that China might retaliate against.

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