Your Brand New Designed Life Form is Ready, and I Mean FOR REAL

This story was buried way down deep in my thousands of links I navigate through daily to produce these awesome newsers.  It’s just a little tale about scientists creating a new species of organism, from other organism scraps and deft editing of those fantastic genes.

That’s right, while the world rages and sportszillas reign supreme, scientists are LITERALLY redesigning life, no big deal.  As a side note, let me add that I am also a sportzilla type of person.  Here’s the story as Phone World Magazine presented it.

Wire – Scientists Create the World’s First Organism – PhoneWorld Magazine

From PhoneWorld Magazine –

It is for the very first time that scientists have created a life with a genetic code that was developed from scratch.

No doubt, it was a stunning scientific feat. The artificial E-coli holds 4 million base pair of DNA code. It took scientists over a year to just read the entire DNA code. So why is this such an important breakthrough?

Traditionally, E-coli is used to make compounds for drugs to treat cancer, heart attacks, and multiple sclerosis. However, as soon as natural E-coli is contaminated with bacteria, it’s useless to doctors.

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