04 Zillas

Tool Fairy Tissue Injector Loses Flintstones Home- Lulzilla – April 26th 2019

Mystery of the Self-Cleaning Shop is Solved
Tool Fairies, Injecting Tissues, and Rejected Flintstones, that’s what’s happening on today’s Lulzilla, where PG Gordy puts an extra sprinkle of Lulz into the strange, the odd, and the weird, every M-F noon EST at pgnewser.com/lz
Mouse Puts Tools Away, , Tool Fairy, Tissue Injection, Fintstones House California, Flintstones House Zoning, PGNewser PG Newser, Newser, PG Gordy, Lulzilla, Lulz, Weird News, Odd News, Strange News,
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03 Underground Newsers

Pepsi Potatoes and Waldo Stealths – HYMHM — April 26th 2019

Pepsi is suing farmers for growing and eating their patented potatoes.
F-35 Waldo’d, Pepsi TMs Potatoes, China’s Taiwan Hiss and more on today’s Headlines You May Have Missed, Headlines You Don’t WANT To Miss, every M-F 11AM EST at pgnewser.com/hm
Japanese F-35, F-35 Lost, US China Japan F-35, F-35 Crashes, Pepsi Potato, Pepsi Sue Potato Farmers, Pepsi Copyright Potatoes,, PGNewser PG Newser, Newser, PG Gordy, Headline News, Headlines, Alt News, Headlines Missed, Alternative News,
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02 Futureq

Windmill Power Youth and the Army of None- Futureq — April 26th 2019

Homemade Windmill Electric Generator, An AI Army is On the Way
Windmill Power Youth in Africa, Army of None Thanks to AI, and more on today’s Futureq, future headlines on sci/tech and beyond every M-F 10 AM EST at pgnewser.com/fq
African Teen Windmill Electricity, Windmill Electric, Electric Windmill Generator, Kamkwamba,, PGNewser PG Newser, Newser, PG Gordy, Futureq, Future News, Future Headlnes, Science News, Tech News, Green News,
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01 NewsFire

The UK Knife Spikes the Notre Dame Smokers- NewsFire – April 26th 2019

UK has a Knife Violence Problem, Smoking workers takng Notre Dame Heat
Knife Violence Spikes, ScapeSmokers of Notre Dame, and more on today’s Newsfire, where PG Gordy takes the NewsFires and sets THEM on Fire every M-F 9AM EST at pgnewser.com/nf
UK Knife Violence, UK Knife, Knife Violence, Smoking Workers Notre Dame, PGNewser PG Newser, Newser, PG Gordy,
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02 Futureq

MY AI Love and MY Facebook Oopsie – Futureq – April 19th 2019

Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings, But Your A.I Buddy Does, and It LOVES THEM!
Facebook Has An Oopsie that Sucks for 1.5 Million Users
Facebook said it may have uploaded email contacts of 1.5 million new users since May 2016, in another privacy-related issue faced by the social media company. – Washington Post | Get the Full Story […]
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